Markets Served

NDC Communications has spent nearly two decades cultivating the talent, gaining the experience, acquiring the equipment and staff to be capable of serving Government, Commercial and Residential clients seamlessly with expertise.


NDC Communications, incorporated in 2003, is a communications construction company specializing in a variety of tower applications for the major cell/wireless providers. We operate from a large warehouse/manufacturing facility in Bangor, Maine and a 15,000 square foot fleet service facility in Etna, Maine. Our strengths include an obvious commitment to quality and excellence in work performance and finishes, a reputation for high customer service satisfaction, and our continued development as a “one-stop-shop” for all wireless construction needs.

Capabilities Statement


NDC Communications provides construction and communications services to a wide range of business entities requiring commercial grade code sensitivities. Businesses are often held to advanced code standards to provide a safe environment for customer traffic. NDC gives specific attention to the unique demands of businesses serving the public.


NDC builds new homes, garages and out-buildings for clients who expect high quality craftsmanship. We recognize that our clients are often building the home of their dreams and we commit to satisfying their hopes and expectations fully.