Work With NDC

Communication Towers

For nearly two decades NDC Communications, LLC, has been clearing raw lands, preparing foundations, building cellular towers, troubleshooting, maintaining and performing equipment upgrades on wireless communication sites all over the United States but with an intense focus on the northeast region of the country. The majority of our tower builds have been from the Washington DC/Maryland marketplace up through the state of Maine. Turn-key and punctual delivery of quality, clean, well groomed, accident free sites have been instrumental in earning repeated invitations from primary, cellular service providers to build and maintain their ever-expanding sites.

NDC Communications employs and cultivates staff to be expert in each of their respective fields. Our Administrators, Division Managers, Project Managers, Engineers, Master Electricians, Master Carpenters, Tower Hands, Journeymen, and Laborers are all on career tracts and incentivized to become the very best they can be ensuring that our clients are always being served by a very qualified and attentive staff.

Turnkey Raw Land Build

Raw Lands provide NDC the opportunity to showcase excellence in our core competencies. It takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks for NDC to transform an inaccessible wood lot into a finished tower compound. From clearing the lot to installing a properly layered access road with effective drainage, to performing the site work, pouring foundation and piers, grounding, assembling, cabling and outfitting the tower, to setting and connecting the equipment shelter; it is a relatively short process to transform under-utilized land into a revenue stream.

Tower Maintenance

At the first sign of signal interruption or interference on any tower site only one call is necessary. NDC’s prompt response and years of experience in troubleshooting can ensure that any disruption is mitigated quickly, customers keep consistent service and the provider(s) hosted on the tower know they are working with a dependable, well-managed site. On a regular basis NDC troubleshoots sites for lighting issues, antenna transmission issues such as down-tilt, line connection issues, CAT 5 inspection and OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer) tests of Fiber lines. From site access, to site security, to site operations and site enhancements NDC is a site owner’s most important ally.

Tower Modifications

NDC is fully equipped to manage and modify your existing and/or aging tower sites. Often foundations need to be enhanced and anchors reset. Sometimes guide wires need to be replaced or equipment needs to be upgraded. NDC has the expertise to increase the structural design capability of an existing but insufficient tower by replacing and strengthening cross-bracing and adding new or enhanced mounts. There simply is no challenge on your tower site that NDC is unable to address to your satisfaction.

Equipment Installation

Having worked extensively with client-owners on their individual sites NDC understands the ever-changing nature of communication tower concerns. You may simply want to update existing equipment or add a new provider, whatever your upgrade need NDC is immediately available and responsive to your punctual requirements.

Osprey Mitigation

Very few communication contractors are either experienced or equipped to perform Osprey Mitigation like NDC. We have had to work in close proximity with these birds for years and the NDC staff is well equipped and trained to manage their nesting sites with a terrific sensitivity to the Osprey’s concerns. We have worked closely with U.S. Fish and Wildlife to properly handle inactive nests, the transfer of eggs/chicks and the safe relocation of nesting Ospreys.